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NoInk Presents: Impromptu Storytelling Challenge

Image Description NoInk   |   16 August 2018

Featuring Renee Dominique, Nash Aguas and Khalil Ramos
NoInk dared the screening team of “Lights, Camera, Magic” Renee Dominique, Nash Aguas and Khalil Ramos to create an impromptu story.

Watch how siblings, Julieta and Julieto’s funny and entertaining story progress. Lights, Camera, Magic is video-making contest that welcome amateurs storytellers and digital content creators. The contest is open to people 18 years old and above, of any nationality from in and outside the country, and submit a 2-3 minute narrative video that reveals not only a strong story, but also shows their originality, creativity and their technical expertise.

The entries will be selected by a screening team composed of Star Magic’s talents such as actor Piolo Pascual, Nash Aguas Khalil Ramos, Janus del Prado, Ketchup Eusebio, Renee Dominique, and led by Mr. Johnny Manahan.

Sending in of entries would start on July 29 until August 25. To get to know about the Lights, Camera, Magic video-making contest mechanics, visit or follow Star Magic’s official social media accounts.

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23 August 2018