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How to Boost your Self Confidence Welcome to the Series

Image Description jmpangeloyt   |   20 December 2019

This is the first of so many features that I could share with you. In this series, I will share with you what learning that I have learned that you could learn from me and how to share it to others

This is my 1st time to write in this platform and I am glad that NoInk provides a platform to write everything and have a boost of freedom of expression when it comes to writing what you want to write. But, before I introduce to you this series on how to boost your self confidence, let me introduce myself so that you could know more better about me (don't be shy to read my introduction to myself because this might inspire you as well when you do also your own series).

About the Author of the Series

I am John Michael, a 28-year old Social Media influencer from the Philippines and I do share a lot of inspiring stories, share some things that I do love, share some things that could give you loads of information (that could overload your mind, in case) and of course to give you a daily inspiration to do everything.

I do graduated Bachelor of Science in Biology at Our Lady of Fatima University, Lagro Campus, and do passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers last March 2013. I might be teacher by profession, but my heart is with writing everything of what I am learning and what I have learned and want to share with you in a form of blog writing. Yes, I do blogging and vlogging at the same time and even I have my official website which you could find lots of daily bible inspiration readings, blog entries about my life and even to share some news from attending activities like beauty pageants, environmental activities and so much more, and please be reminded that some of my blog entries in the website could contain information which you can do share it with others (YES, you can share some information even without my permission, but please do make sure to indicate ItsJM Life when sharing it so that I could see it.)

I do also edit and upload videos about anything like travel vlogs, news and current affairs, and even events related to environment and self-development personality.

The Introduction to the Series

Now that you have learned more about me of who I am and what I do, its time to introduce to you a series that could give you inspiration and could self-medicate you on boosting your self-confidence. YES, this series is all about how to boost your self-confidence.

First of all, let's do some reality check: Have we seen ourselves having self-confidence? Have we looked at ourselves if we really do lack as such? Have we done wrong things to others and have we done good things otherwise? Have we lifted up to God all those things that we have done wrong and say "Your will be done, Lord"?

In this particular series, I will discuss with you and share with you stories and tips on how to boost your self-confidence. There are lots of things that you could have learned that you could also share with me and everyone around you.

Here are some of the things that you could expect in this particular series:

  1. The Meaning of Self-Confidence. YES, before anything else, let's deep dive down to what self-confidence is all about and what might be the consequences if we lack them as such.
  2. Facing other people. In this particular bottomline part of the series, I will discuss why should you not be shy to face people in front of you and what could you do to overcome such shyness.
  3. Loving yourself and loving others as you love yourself. As what the bible says: "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." In each part of the series that you will be reading, there are some spiritual readings that could bite you into realities about spirituality that could motivate you to boost more of your self-confidence.
  4. Reality Check and Reflection: Finally, you could share your stories if you relate with what reality checks about you and this might inspire other people within you.

This are only some of the things that you need to know in this particular series. So, I welcome you to "How to Boost Your Self-confidence: A self-check on how to develop your self-confidence" series.

WARNING: Information might be overloaded, but you could share this with your family and friends who lacks their self-confidence.

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