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Who is He

Image Description rviel   |   27 March 2020

This is how I see you, as a person

Man who captured my heart, and the eyes of many.

An epitome of a good leader; so genuine, reliable and trustworthy.

Young, youthful and of course, yummy. 

Obviously, he is the new Oppa of the city. 

Rare to find, strong and is always ready to serve the country.

Vivi of today's generation,

I am one of those who fell inlove with this person.

Courageous, cute and our new inspiration.

Overloaded with kindness, love and compassion.

So self-sacrificing, a blessing from the sky.

Open-hearted, optimistic and his goals are aligned. 

Together they will succeed, together they will shine.

Truly, Pasig is lucky to be in his arms. And He is...

Oh his name appears in every first letter of each line!

-genevieve nas

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The book is a collection of some of my self made poems from the last couple of years of my life that tackles my personal experiences in love, personal struggles, depression, heartbreak and moving on.

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23 August 2018