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“Still Me” Is Still Louisa Clark, Albeit More Grown-Up

Image Description Melissa Bagamasbad   |   01 March 2018

One of your favorite rom com heroines is back, this time in New York City!

Remember Louisa Clark, the endearing, silly, and adorable heroine of Me Before You, the phenomenal novel by Jojo Moyes? The novel was so phenomenal and truly made an impact among readers that it was even turned into a film starring Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke. 

Louisa came back in a second installment, After You, and now, she’s back in a third installment by Moyes titled Still Me. StillMe follows Lou in her new life in New York City, as she takes on a job as assistant to some of Manhattan’s upper crust. While there, she does her best to balance the life she left behind in Britain, as well as the things that New York has to offer her. Of course, her great love, Will Traynor, is with her in some form as she explores the Big Apple. 

Here are three reasons why we loved this newest novel about Louisa’s misadventures (Warning: Potential spoilers below.):

1.We get the Lou that we loved from the first two books but we also see her grow up and explore the world.

The Lou that readers and Will fell in love with in Me Before You is back, complete with her kooky but adorable fashion sense, her silly ways, and her kind heart. This time, we still see a Lou who loves and misses her family, as well as her new love, Sam, even if she is in sophisticated, fast-paced New York City, catering to some of the wealthiest in Fifth Avenue. At the same time, we also see Lou “live boldly” as Will advised her. She is more daring and more willing to come out of her comfort zone this time around, as she tackles and learns to thrive in a city totally unfamiliar to her. 

2.We get acquainted with exciting, fast-moving New York City.

There’s no doubt that England and even some of Paris were wonderful settings in the first two books. Readers will get acquainted with a new setting in “Still Me” and learn more about one of the most famous cities in the world. They’ll go with Lou to some of the city’s baseball games, museums, bars, yellow cabs, vintage shops, and famous locations like Fifth Avenue, the High Line, and more, exploring the city and feeling like they’ve been to NYC themselves.

3.We get to read an exciting, suspense-filled story where Lou struggles between her past and current lives.

Will always stays with Lou and he’s with her as she reads Will’s letters that he wrote his mom, when he himself visited New York City (she retraces his steps around the city and does the activities he did during his NYC visits). Lou also gets the shock of her life when she meets a NYC guy, Josh, who resembles Will a lot, and she finds that she’s falling for him. There’s a lot of drama as Lou struggles with falling for Josh who has also shown interest in her, as well as with maintaining her relationship with Sam, her paramedic boyfriend that she loves but is still based in the UK. It’s an exciting story that will have readers wondering who Lou will choose, and why.

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