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To My Future Man

Image Description TianaVianne   |   17 October 2019

To my future man, Im excited to meet youA story of a woman who stayed single for a long time

"To my future man, I'm excited to meet you."

A story of a woman who stayed single for a long time.

August 12, 2019

Hi! Today, I'm celebrating my 3000th day of being single.

Yes, three thousand days na akong single. At dahil three thousand days na akong single, I decided to start writing a letter for my future man.

To my future man,

I'm wondering if you're someone na nakilala ko na, or makikilala ko palang.

Lumabas kami kanina ng mga kaibigan ko, and I was looking at my guy friends, wondering if you'd be one of them.

Naisip ko kasi, kung isa sa mga matagal ko nang kaibigan ang magiging future boyfriend ko, I think it would be a healthy relationship full of happiness.

Kasi diba, friendship ang foundation natin. We started as friends, not just a short term friends but a long term one. It would be an advantage for us, because you already know my lovely side, my ugly side, my wounds, my scars, my everything.

Kaibigan palang kita, but you've already earned my trust.

Kung isa ka sa mga matagal ko nang kaibigan, I don't have to worry about you getting tired of me. Because you've been a friend of mine for a long time, which means you've stayed despite of knowing all of me.

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