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5 Tips on How to Save on a Small Salary

Image Description NoInk   |   09 October 2017

You can live big on small!

People think that it’s impossible to do when you’re starting out, especially on a small salary. Even small deposits to your savings account can add up to big money. That’s why it’s good to start when you’re young.

Jess, Georgina’s sister, maps out ways that anyone can put down a good amount of savings monthly.

1. Set a Budget

Remember this-- 50/20/30. 50% goes to monthly dues, 20% for fun, and 30% for savings.

2. Shop wisely

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what you earn. Buying something special once in a while, like a nice top or a cool bracelet, is definitely okay. Just don’t overspend by blowing off your phone bill fund at the mall.

3. Make your own food

Eating out for lunch everyday may not seem like much, but if you look at how much you spend in restaurants or even the office cafeteria, it can rack up quite a bill. Redirect a part of your lunch money to buying supplies at the grocery instead.

4. Avoid using credit cards

It’s tempting to pull out your credit card when you see something you want to buy. But you don’t notice that using credit cards encourages you to spend more--especially on things you don’t need.

5. Plan your ATM withdrawals

It pays to be smart about ATM withdrawals. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you’re spending because it’s so easy to just keep getting money from the machine.

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