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10 Things Only People Who Work From Home Understand

Image Description NoInk   |   09 October 2017

Sick leave? What sick leave?

A 9 to 5 job isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer to work in the comfort of their own homes (or sometimes, at the corner of their favorite cafe). With the increasing number of millennials choosing this career path, doing jobs remotely has become a norm.

Below are 10 things only people who work alone can relate to.

1. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing pajamas the whole day!

We’d wear PJs everyday if we could. It’s the most comfortable work-from-home OOTD ever! (Sidenote: We still take a bath everyday, swear!)

2. Wi-Fi is life.

Sometimes, our bed can get too tempting, and so we have to leave our house to become more productive. Our favorite go-to place? Coffee shops with free Wi-Fi!

3. Distractions. Distractions everywhere.

It can be hard to stay focused when you’re working alone. Background noise can get pretty distracting. Cravings and curiosities can pop out of nowhere. Your dog might ask for your attention. Every day is a perfect time to help improve your concentration.

4. Being judged all the time

Unfortunately, not everyone takes people who work from home seriously. But contrary to what others think, what we do isn’t a walk in the park. We work OT most of the time—even when we’re on vacation!

5. The loneliness of isolation

While working alone has its perks, we have to admit that sitting in one corner without a colleague cracking jokes or giving us words of encouragement can get pretty lonely. Thank you, universe, for the gift of family and friends who are just a call away!

6. What communication skills?

People who work alone would understand this. We have to be honest, there are times when we realize that we haven’t even spoken a single word for days. LOL.

7. Never actually meeting the people we work with

Everything happens virtually. Having people converse with us politely on Skype, do what is expected of them professionally, and of course, pay us right are enough reasons for us to tag them as “nice people”.

8. No need to brave traffic everyday!

There’s no need for us to line up for the next bus or train, either. This is probably the best thing about working from home!!

9. We still have to work when we’re sick

Sick leave? Vacation leave? Christmas party? What are those? Explanations are highly appreciated.

10. Finally, we just can’t imagine having a desk job anymore.

We love the freedom we have in accomplishing tasks our own way. And to be honest? We just cannot imagine being in a workplace where other rules and regulations exist. Like any professional, we are confident we have the skills and talents to deliver excellent work wherever we may be.

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