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Five Reasons Why Paper Towns

Image Description aleydobs   |   12 February 2018

There are five reasons why do you need to read Paper Towns

Are you finding a good book to read? Or wants to have a roller coaster ride of feeling? Well, allow me to share my thoughts and give you reason why you should read John Green’s Paper Towns book. Pack your feelings and be ready for a love adventure!  

I am a fan of John Green’s novel and one of my all-time fave is Paper Towns. Who wouldn’t love the story of Margo and Quentin, right? Well, love will always find its way. It could turn your world around just like what happen to this story.

There are five reasons why you should read Paper Towns.

First, this book will make you realize that finding yourself is not a selfish thing to do. I know some of us might think while reading it ‘’Oh, she's so selfish.’’ but it's a NO. She is not selfish. Margo, just like most of us, wants to be loved and treasure. She just wants to be alone while she searches for herself and her purpose in this world. You may say she is a bad girl for making her friends and ex-boyfriend suffer but there are always untold stories that we should look for and know why she has to do it for them. Sometimes, we judge people easily that we forget to find the real reason why it is being like that. Some people say that in order to find your true love, you must first find yourself. And that is the first thing we should learn.

Second is to find your partner in crime which we really do not exactly know if they can also be your partner in life.    I guess one of the best feelings is having someone who cares about you and love you for who you are. In the case of Quentin and Margo, it is unexpected that the two will be together in the so called ‘’plan of vengeance’’ by Margo. Quentin realizes that Margo is still Margo after years of being neighbor. He likes the way Margo laughs and planned everything but more than that is how she sees Margo as a girl who makes his heart skips a bit.

Third, the twists in the story makes you think deep especially the clues that Margo left for her to be found by whoever wants to find her. She give hints on her nowhere and this guy, Quentin, analyzes everything and come up with a hypothesis with his friends Radar and Ben. Well, who wouldn’t want to have intelligent friends like these two who are tech savvy and funny? The friendship that either on a scale of being annoying or cheesy one. Hahahaha! Apart from their unique friendship that has been established just for finding Margo (which I found amazing), the value of the person you are with is what makes the story catchier.

Fourth is the adventure that will make you laugh, excited, and sad in no specific order. Driving Agloe from Jefferson Park is not a joke; it would take how many hours to reach the destination. One of the things that I am truly amazed is having a limited time that makes their travel complicated. They have to calculate every seconds and minutes they have to spend peeing, buying food, and filling up the gas. One of the best rides happen unexpectedly!

Fifth and the last reason is it is okay to be lost... as long as you will find your way back. Margo Roth Spiegelman is one of the best examples I can give to you. She is lost but she knows where her heart and mind belong. Being lost doesn’t mean we forget the world we knew, being lost is also a way to fill up the spaces that makes your heart empty. It is like facing the electronic board where the flights are flashing without knowing what life awaits you to your destination. I guess being lost becomes a vital part of life. It will allow you experience things out of your comfort zone and make you grow as a person who you thought you cannot be. When we feel lost, we always want to be home where we do not look for a familiar place but for a familiar heart and arms.

Memories are what make our life unforgettable. Treasure them and allow other people to come and know you better. I hope you will soon find your own Quentin Jacobsen or your own Margo Spiegelman. ?

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