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3 Reasons Why People Who YOLO Get their Dream Girl/Guy

Image Description NoInk   |   09 October 2017

Better start now!

People have different preferences in significant others, sure. But one thing that seems to hold true for everyone is that they don’t want a boring bf/gf, amirite?

Boring is relative. Not everyone defines it the same way. But I think we can all agree that it’s not one of the qualities anyone looks for. Ever. It’s not something you want to describe your love life or the love of your life.

So, girls seem to go for bad boys and boys seem to be in constant search for the manic-pixie-dream girl they see in movies (usually played by Kirsten Dunst or Natalie Portman). But it’s not really found automatically in those kinds of people.

YOLOers have something special ingrained in them that can’t be classified as simply bad boys or manic-pixie-dream girls.

Here’s what it is about them:

1. YOLO people never aim for what’s within reach, they aim for higher. And that’s sexy AF.

YOLO-ing is all about seizing the day, the minute, the second. You seize every opportunity that comes your way, but even more important is that you make opportunities happen when there seems to be none.

Go-getters literally just go and attempt to get what they want. And usually, they do. This explains why you see less-than-handsome guys with gorgeous girlfriends (and vice versa!)

Admit it, when you spot them at the mall, you ask yourself “Pano nya kaya nakuha yun? Lakas ng loob nya ah.” Well you’re probably right. Also, daig ng malandi ang maganda, and unattractive people try harder. Just kidding. (Sort of.)

But there is some truth in that. There’s nothing wrong with reaching for someone ‘out of your league’. Lakasan lang ng loob.

2. They carry good vibes and everyone can tell.

There are pseud-YOLOers that make people uncomfortable the wrong way. Kilala mo ‘to, I’m sure.They’re the ones who push you to do the wrong things in the name of YOLO-ing, but really it’s just being immature and self-serving.

True YOLOers will leave a positive effect on you. They will make you want to hang out with them because they have the ability to make you feel good about yourself when you’re around.

They make you feel worthwhile just the way you are. They aren’t pretentious and will make it easy for you to relax rather than be on-guard, anxious about saying or doing the wrong thing. To them, you’re perfect.

3. They’re always exciting even when they’re ordinary.

The unpredictability is awesome. They could wake up Saturday morning with a craving for pancakes in Tagaytay or maybe even pizza in Boracay. Who doesn’t want that?

But even when they’re low-key, when they turn down the notch on the excitement level, even if they decide to get the pancakes in the neighborhood cafe or just your kitchen, they have a way of still putting that extra in it.

They won’t settle for just anything that’s simply average by a general definition. By default, their standards are above average.

It’s not about doing expensive activities or giving expensive gifts, but the effort they put in everything, especially in their relationships, is always more than ‘just enough’. Their methods are what makes the activity exciting.

High-maintenance or low-maintenance, there’s usually no distinction when you’re with Mr./Ms. YOLO because they always double down the effort and exceed your expectation.

So what are you waiting for? YOLO!

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