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Even Though It’s Over

Image Description NoInk   |   10 October 2017

by Dianne Ramos

Even though it’s over, I can still feel you here. When I close my eyes at night I can still feel your hands interlaced with mine and I swear I could feel your arms around me. I could still smell you in the air and I could still feel your heart beating.

Even though it’s over, I still miss you. I go through our text messages and laugh at our jokes. I still remember everything that we said and did. I remember your birthday that we spent in front of the pond talking about the world. And I remember arguing about which flavor of pizza to get.

Even though it’s over, I still think about you. I think about everything we were and everything we could have been. Then I think about what we are and it still breaks my heart every time.

Even though it’s over, I still wish you’d change your mind. I still wish you’d come back to me. Sometimes I’d stare at my phone as I hope you’d reach out to me one day.

Even though it’s over, I still write about you. No matter how many days would pass that you don’t cross my mind, somehow you’d always come back again and I’d write everything that I want to tell you.

Even though it’s over, it’s still you. Your smile. Your laugh. Your eyes. Your scent. Your words. Your touch. It’s always just you.

Because even though it’s over for you, it’s not over for me.

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