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5 Things I Learned from a Leader

Image Description LABLII   |   07 March 2018

We all have stories to tell.

"Dear Ate Charo..." Every time I hear this from Maalaala Mo Kaya every Saturday evening, I know I'm going to watch something that will either left my heart full or aching. We've known her for as long as we can remember. The host and person behind the longest-running drama anthology Maalaala Mo Kaya that features real-life stories and anecdotes of people. It’s the classic of Philippine Television because of its soul crushing and heartwarming episodes weekly.

Who is Charo Santos behind camera? Yes, former president of ABS-CBN Corporation and currently the Chief Content Officer but who is she behind all of these? Do you know the story of this unexpected leader? You'll be amaze at her achievements even before as an artista and producer. Her story will motivate you to dream higher and aim for the biggest star out there.

And before anything else, she is a Mom. She is a wife. She is one of the biggest fan of all love teams and artists in the industry. She is a woman with her own beliefs and with an amazing journey.

Here are some inspirational quotes I got from her book My Journey.

As a daughter:

“From my mother I learned the power of dreams and of self-sacrifice. They didn’t always come hand in hand.”

As a dreamer:

“Intuitively, I realized if I were to help others, I had to be doing something that made my heart full and brave enough to endure the humiliation and difficulties necessary to truly be of service.”

As an artist:

“Being a star and getting star treatment had nothing to do with what was burning inside me. What lay within me was a delicious longing to constantly discover a better version of me.”

As a person or individual:

“Remember this, Charo, before you are a wife and a mother, you are a person—with your own dreams, your own life plans. Pursue your dreams.”

As a mother:

“I believe motherhood has been my biggest and most important leadership challenge. I have lived with that proverbial working mom’s guilt that haunts many women in the workforce and I have come to accept it as a constant companion.”

“Nothing quite prepared me for the intense joy of being a mother. From the very first moment I saw him, I felt my whole being quiver with uncontainable love.”

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The book is a collection of some of my self made poems from the last couple of years of my life that tackles my personal experiences in love, personal struggles, depression, heartbreak and moving on.

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23 August 2018