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To the Next Guy Who Wants to Date Erich

Image Description NoInk   |   10 October 2017

3 Things we learned from Xian’s mistake.

"You don't have to do anything grand or whatsoever to get my attention, you know I'm a very simple girl." – Erich

Netizens are now finally able to move on from the Nyeaaam-filled hullabaloo that surrounded Erich and her brazen suitor, Xian Gaza, following her definite ‘NO’ to the looming question of a coffee date.

But what’s our takeaway from this experience? (An experience that wasn’t exactly ours, but thanks to social media, we felt included).

Well, I can think of 3 things to say to the next guy who decides to ask Erich out.

1. Save your money.

While we can only imagine the cost of taking out a billboard ad (even if it is in Morayta), Erich says she doesn’t need grand gestures for her to take notice. In fairness to her, she did say she appreciated the effort, but it was his character in general that tipped the scale towards a ‘no’.

Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t necessarily mean it would take so much to get her attention. Girls in general respond to authenticity. They react to genuine acts of courage, kindness, and affection, and even a whisper can scream volumes if done correctly.

Xian’s billboard screams quite the opposite, if anything. It reeked of attention-seeking and self-centeredness as he pushed Erich to a corner, while directing all eyes on him.

2. Be patient.

Okay, while this may be an exaggeration, Erich said in an interview that "May mga nagpaparamdam pero wala eh, 10 years pa muna and let's just focus muna sa magagandang bagay na nangyayari sa ‘tin ngayon,".

It looks like Erich is in no hurry to really dive into her love life. Not because there’s a shortage in candidates, but she’s turning her attention to other parts of her life ATM.

3. Evaluate your intentions.

Since it might take a while for Erich to be ready to find love again, use this opportunity to be the kind of guy worth her time.

To the next guy who tries to get her attention, make sure you’re in it to win it. Not just for a coffee date, not just to flaunt on social media, not just to fulfill a fantasy.

Instead, find out how she likes her coffee and learn it, flatter her in quiet ways, want to be with her to fulfill her fantasies, not yours, and be the kind of guy whose motives aren’t likely to be questioned by anyone, most especially the object of your affection.

After all, the end game isn’t to go down in history as the first person in the country to rent a billboard to ask a girl out (as Xian’s caption unabashedly pointed out in his photo)

The end game is winning the girl of your dreams, the one who’s actually on billboards.

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