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Predictions: Your 2018 Love Story Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Image Description NoInk   |   03 January 2018

How will your love story be like in 2018?

Everybody's excited about what's in store for them this brand spanking new year. What's not to love about it? You get 365 days of chances for a new you, a new life, and of course, a chance to write that love story you've always wanted to live.

On that note, let me share with you some of our love story predictions for each sign this 2018:


You are in a crowded place, you don’t know anyone but you need to attend this event for work. Suddenly, you feel goosebumps at the back of your neck. You look around and see this cute person smile at you. That person stretches his hand. That was the first of the many hand holding you will have with him.


It’s been months since you broke up with your boyfriend of 3 years. He wanted to “find” himself. Then you receive a text, it’s from him. You've already erased his number from your contact list but of course you have his number memorized. “Hey, would you like to have coffee?” You're thinking of saying no. You're rational after all. But instead you reply “ok”. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?


"It's not you, it's him", said the voice in your head. You've been going over the many lines you've heard in breakups in the past, but you've finally heard the truth as you sip your morning coffee one perfect day in January. It wasn't you. It was him. Then you'll go about this perfect day, this perfectly imperfect life, with no worries and no unanswered questions as you finally hear the voice that matters-- yours.


There's something about summer that smells intoxicating. It could be the smell emanating from the freshly cut grass, or maybe it's the scent of your hot next door neighbor as they go about their chores in the sexy way they do. Whatever it is, you find yourself unable to resist. And give in you do.


It's been a while since you last felt that tingly feeling when you met him for the first time. Instead of picking the phone up and picking a fight, you head straight to the grocery to pick out the ingredients you'll need for tonight's romantic dinner. Steak and fries, with a side of macaroni salad, just like your first date in that restaurant along Roxas Blvd. You can't wait to see the the look on his face.


Your best friend has been chatting nonstop about her new boyfriend and you'd really rather be stuck in traffic than listen to another cheesy tidbit about their relationship. "Just shush," you finally manage to say out loud. BFF’s annoyed, but she gets the hint. Now you can put your headphones back on and listen to Taylor Swift in peace.


"You know, Game of Thrones is not going to show until 2019" you hear this cute, nosy stranger say as he seats himself on the armchair next to yours. "Huh?", you say looking puzzled but pleasantly annoyed. "Your book. You're reading the book. So I figured you're a fan. You're doing your catching up a little early don't you think?"

He smirks. You sip your drink. And with that you find the connection you've been looking for all last year. In between chai tea and Westeros.


There's something making your guy more awkward and anxious than usual. You thought a night away from Netflix was the solution to calm his nerves but he actually seems even more frazzled! You start to count the minutes until dessert is served so you can go home. "Mango flambe, miss?" "Yes please," you answer. And as soon as the waiter left, you see your guy fumbling to open this tiny box from across the table. Turns out, the flambe wasn't the only thing would say 'yes' to that night.


You know it's a mistake to replay "You've Got Mail" or "Sleepless in Seattle" after that Tinder date of yours turned out to be such a nightmare, but on nights such as this, you can't help but reach out for something familiar, something hopeful, something that makes you believe that he's still out there. So you put on your pj's, get that tub of ice cream out, and hit play on your iPad. Sometimes you just gotta get a dose of your fairytale in movies until you find someone to watch them with.


"Just break up with her, man! You forgot to pick up one thing at the store. Geez."

You wish it was just as easy as your best friend says it is. But you know there's something more than just your fights with The gf lately. Sure, it's hell when she's in one of her moods, but honestly, the good parts outweigh all that sh-t she does. She's some kind of crazy, but you know what they say, she's YOUR brand of crazy. You smile as you chug down the rest of your beer. "See you later, bruh", as you make your way out of the bar. You stop by the drug store, and as you're paying for that darn nail clipper, you laugh at the thought that other people just don't get it.


As you stood at the edge of the world, on that cliff, you suddenly missed her. Yeah, her. That girl you stopped calling just before you left for Australia. "Goddammit." You take a selfie and hit send.

My view across the table from our last date was more spectacular than this.


"I don't want to date your friend's cousin who works at the building next to mine, mom. What makes you think I cry my eyes out every night that I'm single?! It's 2018 for chrisssakes."

The microwave beeps as your hot water is ready for your instant noodles. "I gotta go mom, my lasagna for one is done baking in the oven. Love you. Bye."

That pretty much sums up Friday nights for you. Sometimes you wonder if it'll be better to change your number and not tell your own mother.

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