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Love Lies

Image Description @enzrivera   |   23 May 2020

Rated SPG R-18 After the incident involving Arthur and Elaina, Bernard took off time to find his true self Hes bounded by the love he has for Aina, however his only love now belongs to someone Wi

After almost 4 years out of country, Bernard Valderema finally decided to be back to his native land. 4 years being out of the country made him realize things and made him forget Elaina, the only woman who stole his heart.

Gone through series of changes after staying in Europe, he is now a different Bernard Valderema. The old him who is always forgiving, average looking self was replaced with a hot and sexy looking bachelor whose being drooled by a lot of ladies - even those in their 50's. He amassed huge business success in Europe. But behind this achievements, he still has not found a woman who can tame his now stone like heart.

Clarissa Corteza, a model, philanthropist and a businesswoman. She is the only sole heir to Corteza Group which was built by his father, Don Ismael Corteza. They amassed huge profitability on their luxury hotels and resorts in other countries. With numerous invitation from thousands of young bachelors, no one had enticed her heart. She made her heart a stone after the only man he love left her. The only man she gave her virginity. Behind this characteristics she had, she longed for his father's love. 

She has been following her father since she was a child. Raised to be an only heir is not her choice. She followed her dad and promised him to be a good heir to the Corteza's wealth - even him fixing her marriage to the son of her dad's business partner.

She had a lot of failed marriage attempts because she really does not want what his dad want for her. Dahil dito, lumayo siya at pumunta ng Venice Italy.

She was called back home due to her mother's poor health. And her dad being too busy taking care of her mom, she now needs to take care of their business, and knowing of her dad's true intention. He set up a marriage for her again and she can't escape now. How could she, if the man set to be his husband is the man whom she met at Venice airport? How could she escape from this Hot, Tall, Lithe and oh so good looking man?

Will they LOVE each other despite the LIES that they had on their past?

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