A Fangirl at Forty

Image Description michellevicta   |   14 January 2019

This is about my fangirling experience with Maris Racal.

Yes, I am already forty and I am very happy and contented with my 4 decades of existence.

And as they say, life begins at forty and today I am formally starting a new chapter in my life.

The chapter as a fangirl.

Well, this is not the first time that I have fangirled with an artist.  I have supported Rivermaya back in my high school and college days mainly because of Rico Blanco and Bamboo.  And it was a very different experience then, it is more digital now.

Funny story, I discovered MarNigo through Rico Blanco.  I was searching a video of "Your Universe" by Rico Blanco and their video appeared and I was hooked with them since then.  But that's another story.

I have been following Maris since PBB.  I don't usually watch television except for news programs so everytime I see from teasers that my favorite artists has shows or guestings I try to watch it.  And Papa P's guesting in PBB lead me to Maris.  I followed her since then, watched her shows whenever I can which is very hard as a working mom.  So i watch her videos in YouTube most of the times.  Recently, I have been overseas for work and being alone got me more hooked with her.  I followed her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  I came back last November 11 from my second trip from Australia and my fangirling heart is at peak.  I bought some stuff for Maris that I want to give to her personally so I grabbed the first chance that I had to see her in person.

From Cavite, I travelled six hours to Urdaneta, Pangasinan to see her and support her album tour.  This is also her first album tour since her overseas shows so its really very exciting.  It's my first time to see her and meet fellow Mariestellers that became like my little sisters.  Actually, some would even pass as my daughters already. 

And like most first timers, I was in awe she is more beautiful in person and she is really a total performer.  She sang and danced Thank You, Next.  Sang Tala and Ikaw Lang Sapat Na from her Stellar album and performed Havana.  And I was not able to take a photo or video of her while performing because I was just mesmerized in seeing her.

And tomorrow, December 8, I will get a chance to see her again this time in my province Cavite.

Here's to more fangirling with Mariestellers, shout out to Reg, Lhiezel, Shen and Jam.  Hope to see you again soon. 

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