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17 Things Book Lovers Hate

Image Description NoInk   |   23 December 2017

The big things, the small things, and everything in between.

Come on, you know you hate these too!

  1. Lending books. You might as well ask us for money to buy you a copy.
  2. People who don’t return books when you actually lend them one.
  3. People who don’t return books in it’s original condition.
  4. Folding pages in BIG, uneven ways! A little tip on the corner is fine (for some). But don’t fold it like you’re preparing to make it into an airplane!
  5. Marking OUR copy of the book. On the rare occasion that we actually share our book with you (memories and all), you’re never, under any circumstances, welcome to underline any ‘meaningful’ passage or whatever. We don’t care. It’s OURS.
  6. Oily hands/fingers
  7. Laying the book on its face while it’s opened to a page.
  8. Creases on the cover, on the binding, and pretty much anywhere on the surface of our books.
  9. People who lick the pages before turning them.
  10. When you’re forced to buy the hard bound because the trade paper version isn’t available yet.
  11. Typos!
  12. When we're drinking a cold drink and the sweat from the glass drops on a page.
  13. Mass market type of paper. You know—the scratchy, dusty-feel kind of paper.
  14. When the jacket of our hardbound boooks gets flattened (most probably from having another book land on top of it)
  15. When the cover art of the original book gets replaced by the movie adaptation.
  16. When we can't remove the sticky part of the price tag that we ripped from the back of the book.
  17. When it takes a gazillion years to wait for the next book in a series!

Got any more to add? Comment them below!

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