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What loving you feels like

Image Description RuffaWrites   |   12 April 2018

A poem about what it feels like to love him

You look into my eyes and there I saw an angel

Your first "Hi" and wild smile they got me like "Oh yeah!" 

Loving you was perilous but I am much too risky 

Even the flame I can't surpass just for you to see I'm worthy

Loving you was so deadly, but even the reaper I can be friend with 

I have painted you with my blood why I weep, This is how you got me crazy

I wanna shout I wanna cry, I see darkness where am I?

twas' my love for you Oh my! Which brought me here, but I'll survive

I can lay in a bed of broken glass, with dry thorns scattered all over me

That's what loving you feels like, but you just can't see my beauty

Loving you is like the sound of the wave tossed by the wind

that will carry me throught the night, and will lead me fall asleep

Tormented love, that's what you gave me, while here I am dancing like crazy

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