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About reading and books

Image Description Mishael_17   |   12 February 2018

About reading and my favorite author

While I was growing up, I was never a fan of reading, unless of course it was my father reading me a bed time story (but I don’t think you could count that as reading by myself). I prefer seeing things with my eyes, like watching movies, rather than using my imagination to make things happen. I like seeing things as it is, I can’t remember that I’ve been fond of playing with my imagination, making me not a bookworm type of kid since reading requires a lot of imagination.

Things changed when I went to high school. Our school requires a lot of reading, we have a reading class, wherein we have to finish a number of books to be able to get a high grade. We also celebrate reading month every year, each section is required to set up a reading area within the classroom. Each student is also required to lend their books to be used by everyone in the class. We are also required to read at least 5 books from the reading area. Since I don’t have a choice but to read (or else I will be given a poor grade), I chose this book from my friend. It was highly suggested because according to her it was a really good book. It was Nicholas Sparks’ A walk to remember.

I was able to finish the book within 3 days (It was really fast for me since I don’t enjoy reading at all). The moment I started reading the book, I couldn’t stop. Each time a chapter ends, I can’t wait to read what will happen next. It’s not a mystery book, but the book always keep me on the edge. It makes me feel all the emotions that the characters are feeling. It takes me to wherever they are. They introduced me to a new dimension. Nicholas Sparks’ “A walk to remember” got me into reading.

Since then at least every month I make sure to get a Nicholas Sparks book. I make sure to read a new book each month or if budget would not allow me to buy one, I would borrow my friends’ books. From then on, I enjoyed reading. From Nicholas Sparks I tried other authors, they all have a different approach on writing. But whatever writing style they have it gave me a chance to travel for free, using my imagination. 

Even though I was able to try different authors, Nicolas Sparks will always be special to me. Here are some of the reasons why:

1.His works made me fall in love with reading

The moment I started reading his books, I couldn’t stop. It’s like having your favorite chocolate bar, you can’t help but ask for more. From reading just to be able to get good grades to reading just because it makes you happy. Reading his book made me realize that there is more to it that just reading.

2. His characters doesn’t have to be perfect just to fit it.

Most of the characters in his books have flaws. They are not perfect, they could be an example of a normal human being – imperfect. But just like how it should be in real life, he makes his readers realize that more often than not, there is always something good out of everyone, so let us not be quick to judge.

3. There is more to it than love/romance

Nicholas Sparks’ works have always been focused on the romance side of life, making it a very popular read. People always wants something romantic, a “happily ever after”. But his works doesn’t just end there it teaches you something about life. It teaches us, his readers life lessons from another person’s experience.

4. I feel like I am one of his characters

Whenever I read his works, he was able to make me feel all the different emotions that the characters are feeling. All the love, the pain, the happiness. It almost feel like I am the character that I am reading. I feel like I am more than just a reader, I am also a part of his book.

5. He introduced me to a new different world

Reading takes you to an all different world. When I started reading his books, that’s when I realized why a lot of people fell in love with reading, it gives you a peace of mind. It takes you away from all the stress that reality brings everyone. It gives you an opportunity to be someone else. It’s like travelling to a stress free paradise, while you’re on your seat.

Reading is fun. What I love about it the most is having glimpse of what the author is thinking, what is happening in his mind. It allows me to see the world in a different point of view. I hope that everyone will have an opportunity to read. Let’s not close our doors to a new experience, we might not know, this could bring us new meaning to our life. 

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The book is a collection of some of my self made poems from the last couple of years of my life that tackles my personal experiences in love, personal struggles, depression, heartbreak and moving on.

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23 August 2018