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5 Love Languages of Social Media Girlfriends

Image Description NoInk   |   10 October 2017

How do you show her you love her? Here are some tips!

Because social media has changed the way we live our lives, it has also changed the way we communicate and relate to other people, most especially in our love lives. Relationships are hard enough without adding to it, right? But thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and other tech geniuses, now we also have to update our love languages because Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are injecting new rules in the equation.

So for those who are having a hard time keeping up, here are a few pointers for better comprehension (and less arguments!).

Words of Affirmation

It’s not enough that you whisper loving words to them in private. From time to time, they need to ‘hear’ those words shouted atop rooftops, and in this day and age, shouting on rooftops is equal to putting it on your Facebook status or Twitter.

(It would also help if you change your status to “In a relationship with ______”.)

This makes your significant other feel like you’re not ashamed of them and you’re willing to subject yourself to a few taunts on your cheesy declarations of love. Remember that scene in “10 Things I Hate About You” when Heath Ledger embarrassed himself singing Can’t Take My Eyes of You? Same.

Acts of Service

Acts of kindness or grand gestures are always heartwarming, but what would really get them feeling the love? Documenting it on social media with an IG-worthy photo and witty/cheesy caption to boot. You have to understand that they want to immortalize these moments and share them with those closest to them (or the whole world if they’re on public).

You know what they say, if it’s not on social, it didn’t happen.

Don’t think that it’s superficial. It means differently to different people. Just think of it as an ultimate compliment to you too because they want to brag about their partner and let the whole world know how wonderful you are!

Another good way to demonstrate your love for her is to study her angles and get it right when you take her OOTDs or those ‘plandid’ shots. The less she directs you, the better!

Receiving Gifts

We’re all for the thought that counts, but it would be even more EXTRA if you make an effort to package it uniquely and flat lay ready. If your gf has a certain feed motif, then maybe you can package it in that fashion.

I know it sounds like so much work, but what it actually translates to is how well you know her. And isn’t that the message you want to send?

Physical Touch

NO! Don’t post kissing pictures or (nearly) naked photos of you guys together! PDA on social media is a tricky move, but if done tastefully can be really sweet and aww-inducing.

BUT you need the right elements to pull this one off. This isn’t a rookie move because you need to remember that her family will also be looking at this (even if they’re blocked from the post, there are loopholes!).

Quality Time

Because everyone’s connected, everyone’s always looking down at their phones, tablets, and other smart gadgets, consider it a grand gesture when your significant other puts their gadgets away in order to give you their undivided attention.

It’s becoming rarer and rarer to find someone who can stop staring at screens to engage you in actual meaningful conversation and just hang out with you without getting bored that it’s so analog.

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