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My Last Mr J

Image Description rochellyheart   |   15 February 2018

Minsan hanap tayo nang hanap ng "meant to be" natin. Lumingon pa tayo sa likod at sumulyap pa sa kaliwa at kanan... Yun pala, nandyan lang sya sa tabi mo...

Kahit mag-bestfriend lang si Jelly at Vince ay meron din silang team name.

Jelly-Vince... Yan ang sweet tag ni Jelly at ng bestfriend nya! Just like jelly-beans na super favorite nilang dalawa since they were little, which was actually the reason why they became bestfriends.

Jelly will never, ever forget, that moment. She was just seven then. It was an Easter Sunday...

Jelly's family was in her Tita Jem's house that time. Tita Jem had set up the Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids of her amigas. Jelly and Vince were one of those kids.

"Five, four, three, two, one... Go! And the hunting begins!" Tita Jem shouted.

"Jelly, you have to get lots of Easter eggs!" Jelly told herself. She knew that her Tita Jem had put lots of jelly beans inside the eggs so she was really determined to get many as many as possible.

Pero super unlucky siguro si Jelly that day because there was a bully who was always blocking her way.

Kunin ba naman lahat ng Easter eggs na nadi-discover nya!

Kahit saan sya pumunta, that boy was always behind her and at times when she was about to get the egg, he will hurry and grab it. Cheater!

Finally, Jelly gave up... she's so tired and frustrated. She just sat and cried in a corner.

"Are you okay?" She heard someone beside her.

"Yes, I'm fine..." she answered while still sobbing and she covered her face with her hands.

"Do you want Easter eggs?" He asked.

Jelly quickly wiped her tears with her hand and looked at him.

"You??? I don't need your help! Mayabang! After getting all my Easter eggs and made me cry then you'll suddenly give them to me??? I don't need them, anyway! Go away!" Jelly shouted.

"Sorry na po, di ko po sinasadya! Gusto ko talagang ibigay ang mga eggs na'to sayo."

"E bakit kukunin ko na nga sila e inaagaw mo pa sila sa kin?!" She replied angrily.

"Wala lang, gusto lang kita makilala. Gusto lang kita maging friend." He said while smiling.

"Hmmmp! Ganun ka ba makipag-friends? Inaasar mo muna! I hate you! Basta galit ako sayo! You're bad!"

"Look! Dami pa man ding eggs nito, ayaw mo ba talaga? Nag-hunt pa man din ako ng marami to share them to you." He added.

"Hmmmp, basta hate kita!" Galit pa din na sagot ni Jelly.

"Talaga bang ayaw mo? O sige na nga alis na nga ako." Then he turned his back to walk away.

Jelly was so confused then. She hates him but she also likes to have the Easter eggs because of the jelly beans. "What will I do?" Jelly asked herself.

Then her jelly-bean craving won. "Hey, ahmm... Sige na nga ibigay mo na nga sa kin yung mga eggs na kinuha mo. Since, akin naman talaga dapat yung iba dyan." Supladang sabi ni Jelly.

"Yes! O sige ibibigay ko na pero promise mo na di ka na galit sa kin and friends na din tayo." The boy said happily.

"Okay, pero there is one condition... Kung magiging friends tayo, di ka na mang-aasar sa akin kahit kelan?" Jelly asked him with a shy smile.

"Promise!" He exclaimed.

Then sabay silang umupo sa isang corner and then he gave Jelly the Easter eggs.

"Alam mo, kung di ko favorite ang jelly beans, no way ako makipag-friend sayo?" Jelly started again the conversation.

"Talaga? Favorite mo pala ang jelly beans? Kase favorite ko din 'to eh." He responsed.

"Yey, talaga? Pareho pala tayo ng favorite. That's really awesome! Eh, ano nga pala name mo? I hope it starts with J? Jelly curiously asked.

"Sorry pero di J ang start ng name ko e. I'm Vince... How about you?"

"Oh, well... That's a nice name. I'm Jelly." She answered.

"What? Jelly??? Jelly and Vince??? Jelly-Vince parang jelly beans? That's more awesome!" Then Vince laughed loudly.

"Oo nga no? That's so exciting! So, I'm happy to be your friend Vince!" Then Jelly gave him her hand for a hand-shake.

"Me too!" And Vince reached Jelly's hand.

"JELLY-VINCE!" They both shouted so loud that they got all the kids there to look at them as they giggled.


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