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My Last Mr J

Image Description rochellyheart   |   16 February 2018

Minsan hanap tayo nang hanap ng "meant to be" natin. Lumingon pa tayo sa likod at sumulyap pa sa kaliwa at kanan... Yun pala, nandyan lang sya sa tabi mo...

"Hey Mr. Vincent Lee Montenegro! Where are you na ba? Nakakailang chapters na ako nitong Divergent series na binabasa ko di ka pa dumarating???" Jelly was calling Vince coz he asked her to hang out in Starbucks in P. Noval which is the nearest branch from their university. Vince and Jelly go in the same school. 

"Sorry, sorry talaga. Late nagpa-dismiss Chem prof namin e... But I'm on my way na. I'll be there in 5 minutes..."  Sagot nito.

"You better be or else I'll leave na talaga!" Jelly threatened him. 

"Try it, lagot ka sa kin!" He muttered. 

"I will not try it, I will do it!" I said with a loud voice as I hang up the phone. 

Just a few minutes and he's rushing inside the coffee shop. 

"Whew! So tired..." He said while running out of breath. 

"Ha-ha-ha! Hinga muna ng malalim... Ikaw kase e, you're always late, kasalanan mo yan." Jelly said while giggling. 

"Eto nga o nawawalan na ng hininga tumatawa ka pa dyan..."  Vince murmured. 

"Okay sige na umupo ka na dito." Jelly offered the chair across her seat. "Why nga ba naglakad ka? Where's your car?" 

"I just left it sa dorm nung brod ko sa org. Hiramin daw muna nya tonight. Sabay na lang ako sayo mamaya pag-uwi and tomorrow morning, hehe!" Sabay kindat. 

"Who told you na pwede mo kong gawing driver? You meany!" Jelly said with a frowning face. 

"E di ibigay mo sa kin ang key, ako magda-drive." He said while smiling. 

"Dapat lang 'no?" Jelly said sarcastically. 

Then biglang napatigil si Jelly when she heard "Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovato" which is her favorite song. She just realized it's her phone. She looked at the screen and she doesn't know what to feel when she saw who's calling. It's Josh! After a week without any communication, even text or FB message, here he is! 

"Hey Miss, your phone..." Vince said while pointing at her phone. 

"I'll get it..." So, she grabbed the phone and took the call. "Hi Josh! What's up?" She's trying to sound so calm. "I haven't heard you for a week... How's everything?" Vince is just looking at her while she is talking to Josh. Vince is getting curious kung ano ang pinag-uusapan ng dalawa. He can just hear Jelly saying, "Okay... No problem... See you then... take care... bye..."  Then she hanged up. 

"So, what?" Vince curiously asked. 

"Guess what?" She's trying to keep it suspense. 

"What nga???" Bitin na tanong ni Vince. 

"He's asking me for a formal date this Saturday!" She told Vince as if she's feeling like floating in the air. "He said he wants to tell me something very important. Eto na yun! Yey! "  Jelly is so hapy.

It seems that Vince can't believe what she said. He looks like as if Jelly is just joking. 

"Are you not happy for me?" Jelly asked him with a big, big smile. 

"O-Of course I'm happy for you... " Then he grabbed Jelly's hands. "I'll be the happiest if I know that you are happy." He said while looking at her eyes, trying to let her know the sign of his approval. 

"I love you so much bestfriend! I'm so lucky to have you." Jelly sincerely told him. 

"I'm luckier to have you..."  Vince said. "Ano ba yan? Super drama na nating dalawa! Kanina pa tayo dito di pa tayo umoorder... Just stay here ako na lang oorder para sayo, Miss." Sabay pisa sa ilong ni Jelly. "Oh by the way, what do you want?" 

"Same thing, bahala ka na... Thanks!" Jelly smiled. 

Then he went his way to the counter... 

Jelly can't help but smile at times like. She's thinking that she is so lucky to have a bestfriend like Vince. Her life will never be complete without him.


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12 July 2018