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The Sleepy Chronicle of Pi

Image Description NoInk   |   10 October 2017

Two eyes closed, one heart open.

You wake up, look at your phone. It’s 6:30am.

You check messages.

You go to the bathroom.


Heat water.

Look at the fridge.

You debate whether or not you’re going to pour that bowl of cereal or if it’s too much work. The unfolding of the bag, the uncapping of the milk, the bowl, the spoon, the washing after.

You close the fridge.

You open a pack of crackers instead.

You go back to bed.

Nuzzle your nose in my armpit.

Try to wake me.

Fail miserably. Adorably.

You get up again.

Turn off the aircon.

Check your phone some more.

Pour the hot water and take a bath.

For 5 minutes you’re naked.


But you trust I won’t go in.

You get out of the bath.

Lay out your clothes on the bed.

Kiss my face.

And put on clothes.

You fix your hair in the small mirror, not the big one.

You hate that mirror.

You check to see if I’m awake.

I’m not.

Not really.

Not enough.

You grab your keys and go.

I hear the elevator ting.

And just like that,

I fall in love with the ordinary

All over again.

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