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Image Description NoInk   |   11 October 2017

by Dianne Ramos

There you were. A foot away from me with a knife in your hands and a flame in your eyes. You slowly took a step towards me and lifted the blade, preparing to rip my heart out. The room was dark and empty yet I could see everything about you. The way your hands wrapped around the blade made me wish you'd hold me like that. The way your eyes pierced through me made me want to stay there forever. The way you bit your lip preparing to puncture me made me want to kiss you.

Then it hit. The first time; you missed. Aiming for my heart but barely grazing it with your blade. Blood from my body dripped on the floor. Yet I still looked into your beautiful eyes, counting the shades of brown that they hold within. With one swift move, you retracted your blade, leaving a mark on my flesh. Yet your hair still fell right above your eyes, perfectly framing your face, making you look like an angel.

Then you hit me again. This time impaling the veins of my heart, right in the middle of my organ. I fell to my knees as the pain filled every fiber of my being. Then I look up at you. For the last time, I saw the galaxy in your eyes, the beauty of your hair, for the last time, I saw the boy who I thought was mine, the boy whose heart belonged to someone else, the boy who never knew, the boy whom I can't leave behind, the boy who broke down my walls and the boy who killed me.

And at that moment the only thought I had was that I hope you could properly hide my body so that you wouldn't get blamed for what you've done.

Because I was the victim who loved the murderer.

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