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Taming the Rebel Guy

Image Description Snowqueencel   |   06 May 2020

Campus Heartthrob Series 1


Samantha Michelle Alvarez is a typical type of girl who believes in the concept of “true love”. Thus, despite the two heartbreaks she has encountered, she still hopes that one day, she will get to meet her “the one”. 

While Tristan Michael Guevarra is a rebel type of guy. He already knows the feeling of being betrayed by the people that he loves, which leads him to not give his trust and love to anyone anymore. He locked himself up into a dark world that he created and shut everything around him in order to protect himself from being hurt again. 

They are two different people who have experienced the same pain in a different reason. The former managed to handle it, while the latter totally breaks out. 

So, what will possibly happen once their path crossed? 

Is there a love that will bloom? 

Or will they both end up hurting again? 

Is it possible for a cheerful girl to tame a rebel guy? 

Even if they were surrounded with twisted fate and lies?

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