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Revenge is a Dish Best Served in the Hamptons

Image Description alexts   |   22 August 2018

Hello, I'm Alex and I ask a lot of "whys", all of which I answer myself because I have trust issues.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! If you haven't seen Revenge, don't read this. But if you don't mind spoilers, by all means, read on.

Rich people.

They have all the money, all the clothes, all the jewelries they can fit into their necks and teeth, and as if their private jets weren't enough to cause a stir, they also have the monopoly on drama. Don't believe me? Check out the Kardashians. Rich people just can't seem to get past crying over a diamond earring lost in the ocean or having to ride an Audi because their Jaguar broke down. However, as petty as these cases sound, and they absolutely are, there are actually issues that cause their drama, that go beyond what normal people like you and me deal with. It is for this reason that I binged on every episode of Revenge in just three weeks. I mean, don't get me wrong, everything that went on in that show was pure insanity, like seriously, there's so much death, friction, lies, and secrets between the characters, you'd think they wouldn't be able to keep up with all of it. The stress of the entire show was enough to cause a nervous breakdown. Still, It was sooooo good, I couldn't stop watching. Why? We'll get to that in a bit, but for me to really explain what makes it a great show, I have to start by giving you a short background of its premise.

Revenge revolves around the lead character, Amanda Clarke, a.k.a. Emily Thorne, a.k.a. Michelle Banks, a.k.a. Rebecca Stone, and the list goes on! But for now, we'll stick with Amanda Clarke. So it all began with a hazy memory when Amanda was just a little girl living in the Hamptons with her father, David Clarke. They had a good life and it was all sunshine and rainbows and play dates with her childhood best friend, Jack, and pet dog, Sammy on the beach, until tragedy struck. Their next-door neighbours, Victoria and Conrad Greyson, happened to be the king and queen of the Hamptons, owners of Greyson Global where David Clarke worked, and were just pure evil. Unfortunately for David Clarke, he mistakenly chose to sleep with the queen of snakes herself, Victoria Grayson, sparking their twisted little love affair. Unbeknownst to him, Conrad, Victoria's husband, was dealing with very fishy business that would cost them their company, Grayson Global, along with their entire life of power, fortune and fame, should it be discovered by the public. So, when news came out that a plane crashed killing hundreds of people and that it was tied to Grayson Global and terrorism, they needed a patsy to take the fall and protect the Grayson name. So they rounded up every Hamptons elite that worked for Grayson Global and blackmailed them into framing and testifying against, yup, you guessed it, poor old David Clarke. So years after her father was jailed for a crime he didn't commit and died in prison, and after a painful childhood life of living in foster homes and juvenile detention, Amanda Clarke gets released and finally learns the truth in the form of a box engraved with a double infinity symbol, and so her quest for revenge began. 

Amidst all the weird drama on the show, one of the reasons why I love it so much is the fact that it shows what a strong woman is capable of, especially when something valuable is taken away from her. This applies to many areas in our lives. Some of us may have experienced being robbed of things we bought with hard-earned money, and some of us have had to live through grave abuse and harassment that cost us our dignity. Sure, we may not have been formally-trained to fight by a Japanese ninja or samurai to make perpetrators pay, but just as well, the thoughts that run through our heads, the ill-wills and curses are all forms of revenge in some way, and maybe that is enough. We do have karma. But the women that do fight physically? Well, I can say nothing more than, YOU GO GIRL, GET IT AND MAKE THEM EAT IT!!! There is absolutely nothing more I like seeing than women fighting like women. Fists balled, knuckles out, knees bent and eyes holding a gaze colder than the ninth circle of hell. #PussyPower, am I right?

Another thing I love about Revenge, is if you take away all the background extras, remove the posh parties and charity balls, you'll find that Revenge is just a story of a girl trying to find herself and her place in the world, after many years of only knowing pain and suffering. To some degree, the show is relatable because at some point, we have all encountered certain people and events that motivated us to take action that brought us exactly where we are right now. You know what they say, #NoRagretz. Whether our experiences in life have so far been good or bad, they all sort of pour into this vessel that slowly determine who we become as human beings, so we should always just take it day by day. There is always a reason for the things that happen to us. However, when we reach a point where we feel completely lost and out of place, there is only one thing to do: Eat. Pray. Love. that shit. Because Revenge requires too much blackmailing, gunpowder and dead body lifting, so I wouldn't suggest it as a means to find yourself, but if you can handle it... just kidding, dead bodies are too heavy.

There are many things about Revenge that just makes it awfully good. But for your sake and mine, I'll just add one more thing to the list so you can go back to your life, and I can go back to not having a life. Now, the last best thing is Amanda Clarke: the couture-wearing, gun-wielding, absurdly rich, insanely beautiful, genius of a diva herself. Seriously, leave it to Amanda Clarke to break the hearts and ego of three, very sexy, grown men of the Hamptons (amongst others in between who are equally sexy). Of course, in pursuit of a well-executed revenge plan, men are just chess pieces to her; pieces of the puzzle to get to the big picture. Amanda never takes her eyes off the prize, never leaves evidence, always has a backup plan for her backup plans and she never gets too close to anyone that might disrupt her quest for revenge. On top of all that, she successfully hides her real identity from her targets and basically every Hampton resident for four freaking seasons! All while attending parties, pretending to be in love, researching, getting close to her main enemies, and switching from designer dresses to black overalls and gloves to make those who contributed to her father's death pay for what they have done. Oh, and she also bought off the Grayson Manor, literally sweeping it off from under Victoria and Conrad's feet, and set it on fire. Now if that doesn't warrant a Olympic gold medal, I don't know what does. Every girl in the world ought to have a photo of Amanda Clarke up on their wall just to get Amanda's personality out of her and into them every morning.

So that completes my list, and ends my rambling. I have answered my first why and I hope you'll get up now and watch it for an entire week without getting off the couch and showering, because that's what I did. I hope everything I said made sense and I sure as hell hope you did not close the tab after getting to the warning. Seriously, for those who did close the tab at that part, was I that boring already??? Or did you just not want to be spoiled??? Whatever it is, you can always leave a comment, like anyone actually cares to even read this. But yeah, watch out for the next Alex & Whys entry!!   

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