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Hello 2018

Image Description NoInk   |   02 January 2018

By Dianne Nicole Ramos

The New Year came around like a lightning flash. Before we knew it, Christmas was over and we’re getting dressed up for the first day of 2018. Many of us wrote down resolutions and are ready to enter the year with promises to improve on the things that held us back in the past year. But more than sparkle and champagne and lists; what should we really bring with us as we say hello to 2018?

The word January came from the Roman god, Janus. Being depicted with two faces back to back, it reminds us that we should be able to both look back and look forward. As the Filipino saying goes, “ang hindi lumingon sa pinaggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa pinaroroonan” (Those who don’t look back to where they came from will never get to where they’re going). There’s something about the past that simply makes us who we are. This can be either a person from a distant memory or an experience that we love looking back to. Either way, it’s the past that made our present and made us realize all of the things that we know now.

So as we enter 2018, don’t get obsessed with letting go of the past, instead, keep the past somewhere at the back of your mind as a reminder of all the things you’ve been through (both good and bad). Remember all of the battles you thought you’d never survive and all the sunrises you could’ve sworn would never come. But you made it didn’t you? Embrace your strength and your bravery and take this New Year as a chance to forgive and to apologize. If the past still haunts you, you don’t have to just block it out. Forgive those who hurt you, say sorry to all the people you’ve pushed aside, because the only way to truly move forward is to let go of the hurt, the pain, the resentment, and the anger that you’ve been avoiding for so long. There’s nothing to fear, treat yourself and the people around you with love and kindness and 2018 will treat you the same way.

With bright eyes and positivity, the past propels you into the future. What does the New Year hold for you? Who knows! Be ready for everything. Walk through life with open arms; be ready to catch everything that 2018 throws at you. Whether it’s heartache or sorrow that comes to you, welcome it. These dark days are simply there to accentuate the bright ones. Don’t let your expectations blind you from everything that you can appreciate. Take the time to look at the sky, breathe in, and walk forward. You might not know exactly where you’re going but what matters is that you don’t stop walking. So keep walking, through the roadblocks, through the wonderful views, slow down when you have to, and run when you need to. Because here you are once again with a new beginning in front of you; so put up your arms as high as you can, wave them around and say, “Hello 2018, I’m ready for you”.

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The book is a collection of some of my self made poems from the last couple of years of my life that tackles my personal experiences in love, personal struggles, depression, heartbreak and moving on.

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