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If Only

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The trees surrounding the garden were full of Christmas lights and tea candles on the grass towards a candlelight dinner set-up with white rose petals on the floor. There were pictures on strings and balloons all over. It was a perfect night. First monthsary and Christmas Eve celebration in one. With background music (Shanawa “Sana S’ya”)

MARYDALE: Sobraaaaang ganda naman nito (with facial expressions, di makapaniwala na kinikilig, she’s wearing an above the knee length red tube dress and sexy simple strapped high heels; with light make-up and hair just flowing on her shoulders)

EDWARD JOHN: Happy 1st Monthsary My May. (iaabot ng 24 pcs ng long stem na white roses tapos kikiss sa noo then iaassist sa pag-upo)

MARYDALE: Thank you, nag-abala ka pa talaga. Sobraang ganda.

EDWARD JOHN: Syempre naman, parang ikaw. And basta para sayo, I will give nothing but the best. (heart eyes, smiles)

Continue background music, zoom out, ipapakita na nag-uusap, nagtatawanan, magzozoom out pa aerial shot, music continues, then fade.




Marydale will continue her graduation speech, recap of her / their first year life in college, their sophomore years and the start of their junior life.

MARYDALE:  “College is indeed a time of many mixed emotions and brand new adventures. For incoming students, college can be intimidating, you’re living somewhere new, immersed in new a community with people you’ve never met before, taking new classes where studying is essential for success and you’re trying to figure out this whole “adulting” thing. There are so many different words that sum up exactly what the college experience is like. You meet so many new people that you click with, bond with, and grieve over assignments with. You'll be juggling classes, your social life and oh that includes your love life (chuckles), extracurricular activities, work, sleep and the list goes on. Just remember it's important to take time for your self every now and then. Sometimes you just need to enjoy a night in or chill with only a few friends (or even by yourself) to relax, de-stress and take everything in. Now, on a more serious note, college is extremely academic. Welcome to the nights where you pull all-nighters to study for exams and finish up homework. Your future employers will be mindful of your resume, so invest in a lot of experiences that are beneficial to your career. There will be times where the deadlines and stress, gets to be a lot. You'll be dealing with your grades and challenging professors, Ehem Ms. Mendoza and Sir Dismundo (chuckles), and even classmates. There will be days where you might question everything you're studying and even yourself, but don't give up. Remember what you came here for and surround yourself with people who make the experience and work enjoyable. Lastly, when the college days get tough (and I hate to break it to those who will just start their college life, you'll at least have one), it's important to remember how truly rewarding it is.

On the other hand, Sophomore year is an awkward stage of college. You’re not the baby freshman, and you’re not the king or queen of campus, as the juniors and seniors are. Instead, you’re in a collegiate pubescent phase in which your college identity is still developing. Mitchell stated that sophomore year is much harder than freshman year. “Classes seem to never end with work,” she said. “Freshman year was a joke, especially with easy starter classes.” Those days of taking all introductory classes packed with facts you remember from high school lessons are over. Sophomore year is when you study your selected major more in-depth. I remember when I almost lost my scholarship and be out of the Dean’s List because of Human Anatomy, but thanks to my study buddy, my partner in crime, and my inspiration *clears throat* Mr. Edward John Barber for being so patient and helping me memorized all the 206 bones and 600+ muscles, not to mention the circulation of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood in our body and a lot more just to make it to the top. Just like what I’ve said earlier “You meet so many new people that you click with, bond with, and grieve over assignments with” and I’m so lucky to have him, Nica and Yong, my reasons to keep my sanity intact (chuckles). Although sophomore year may not be the most glorious of the four years, it could in many ways be the most important, both academically and socially. Don’t fall into a sophomore slump: Live it up, because after sophomore year you are already halfway done with school – and those last two years will seem to go even faster than the first two.

And here comes Junior year, it is so much more than your third year in college, it's a year that you and everyone else changes. In your third year of college everything is established and changing at the same time. Not only do friendships and relationships change during junior year but everything about yourself begins to change. College gets crazy academically during this year. It comes with hard classes that you thought you were ready for, but somehow you are no longer ready. You have two tests in the same week sometimes even the same day. You have to manage projects, papers, clinical duties and sleep somehow. You end up stuck in a slump because I mean who isn't over doing work and college in general in the third year and wanting and needing to do well. Junior year is about reevaluating how you are doing academically, and adjusting to fit the more difficult classes. Junior year changes you, and it is these changes that will not only allow you to successfully complete the rest of your college career, but also will shape what happens in your future. After all, college is just another chapter of your life that you only enjoy for a period of time. Make the most out of it. You'll only experience this time of your life once.




Ichecheck nila Marydale yung groupings and schedule nila for duty.

MARYDALE: Ayyy, di pa rin kami magkagroup? (malulungkot) Di na nga kami magkagroup last sem, hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin? Haaaay.

YONG: Okay lang yan, magkagroup naman tayo eh! Hindi ka ba happy dun? (pacute)

MARYDALE: Happy naman (matamlay) Simula kasi nagthird year hindi na kami masyado nagkikita ni Edward John. Kung hindi sya ang duty ako naman ang duty, tapos minsan opposite pa ng shift kaya kahit sa text bihira na din makapag-usap.

YONG: Relaaaax, makaemote naman to oh! Buti ka nga may love life na, tapos ang taas pa ng grades, nasa top pa lagi. Eh ako? Wala na ngang lablayp, nasa laylayan pa. Hindi ba dapat ako ang nageemote sa ating dalawa?! Pero tignan mo ko happy pa din! Payt payt payt lang! (smiles)

MARYDALE: Baliw ka talaga (mapapangiti)

Mapupunta ang tingin ni Marydale sa may Dean’s Office at mapapansin ang mommy ni Edward na palabas ng office, pupuntahan nya ito.

MARYDALE: Tita (sisigaw, tatawagin si Mommy Cathy kaso may kaklase na kakausap sa kanya)

GROUPMATE 1: Marydale, uyy buti naabutan kita. Magkagroup pala tayo ngayon. Kapag may time ka naman baka pwede akong magpaturo sa Pharmacology. Nahihirapan kasi ako sa calculations eh, baka may tip ka dyan kung paano matatandaan yung formulas.

MARYDALE: (nakatingin pa din sa direction ni Mommy Cathy, medyo distracted) Ahh, ganun ba? Sige sige, tutulungan kita. Excuse me lang ah, may kailangan lang akong habulin. (magsisimula ng maglakad) Basta tutulungan kita (lilingon kay Groupmate 1 tapos tatakbo na papunta kay Mommy Cathy) Tita!! Sandali!! (di na nya maabutan, nakasakay na ng kotse si Mommy Cathy) Ano kayang ginagawa nya dito? Saka nasaan kaya si Edward John?




Establishing a shot of the scenery then will focus on Marydale and Edward John sitting on the grass looking at the majestic view of Tagaytay. Kasama sina Yong at Nica, group date pero may moment din silang dalawa.

EDWARD JOHN: Happy 2nd anniversary My May. Tignan mo, ang ganda ng langit. Maganda talaga yan para sayo. Pwede bang habang buhay na kitang itakas sa lahat ng sakit. Pwede bang habang buhay na kitang pasayahin. (seryoso pero pinipigilan ang tawa) Magpaka…

MARYDALE: (interrupts) Hep hep hep (tatakpan ang bibig ni Edward John), pinagtitripan mo naman ako. Linya ni Angelo yan sa Pangako Sa’Yo eh, kahit kelan ka talaga (pabirong sasakalin sa leeg, magtatawanan, mapapansin na mainit si Edward John) Tekaaa, mainit ka ah (hahawakan ang noo ni Edward John at icocompare sa kanya) Nilalagnat ka…

EDWARD JOHN: (iiwas) Hindi ah, hot lang talaga ako kaya ganan (magbibiro)

MARYDALE: Tigilan mo nga ako, mainit ka talaga. (nilapit ang mukha kay Edward John, as in face to face) sige huminga ka.

EDWARD JOHN: Ha? Ayoko nga, hindi pa ako nagtotoothbrush (aalis ng tingin)

MARYDALE: (hahawakan ang baba at ihaharap ang mukha ni Edward John sa kanya) Huminga ka sabi eh.

EDWARD JOHN: (hihinga) Ayan, ano okay na? Amoy sisig diba?

MARYDALE: (hahampasin sa braso) Nilalagnat ka, ang init ng hinga mo tapos tignan mo yang mata mo ang pula, pati pisngi mo namumula na din.

EDWARD JOHN: (magseseryoso) May, pasensya ka na, may ipagtatapat talaga ako sayo eh (ilalapit ang mukha kay Marydale) Isa talaga akong bampira (akmang kakagatin si Marydale at matatawa)

MARYDALE: (hahampasin ulit sa braso) nay, nay, (manggigigil) nakuha pang magbiro, nakuha pang magbiro. Lika na nga, umuwi na tayo, bibili na din tayo ng gamot. Ano, kaya mo pa bang magdrive? (worried)

EDWARD JOHN: Sus, ako pa? (papogi) You know me, sige ano, sabihin mo nga sa akin kung ano ang di ko kayang gawin? Basta para sayo, ipagdadrive kita kahit saan mo gusto (kikindat, sabay hawak sa baba at pisil sa ilong ni Marydale) Isa lang naman ang di ko kayang gawin eh… ang hindi ka mahalin.

MARYDALE: (mapapangiti na kikiligin) Wag mo akong daanin sa pagpapacute mo na yan, mahina ako. Hehe. Halika na nga. (aayain ng tumayo si Edward John)

EDWARD JOHN: (tatayo na) Alam mo… dalawa lang naman talaga ang gamot dito eh. Isang YAKAP-sule lang at isang KISS-pirin. Siguraaadong tanggal kagad ang lagnat ko (isestretch ang kamay na ready ng magpahug at ngunguso na parang nanghihingi ng kiss, pipikit ang isang mata)

MARYDALE: (ihuhug si Edward John) Oh ayan okay na?

EDWARD JOHN: Okay na pero may kulang pa eh (ngunguso pa din at lalapit kay Marydale).

MARYDALE: (tutungo) tigilan mo nga ako, halika na.

EDWARD JOHN: Eto nga halikan na… (matatawa) sige na, dalawang taon naman na tayo eh. Isang KISS-pirin lang (puppy eyes with nguso)

MARYDALE: (matatawa din) Halika… na… hinihintay na tayo nila Nica at Yong (sabay kurot, mapapatingin sa braso ni Edward John at mapapansin na may mga pasa ito, itataas ang sleeves) Oh, anong nangyari dito? Bakit ang dami mong pasa? (mag-iiba ang mukha)

EDWARD JOHN: (mapapadilat, nguso back to normal) Wala yaaaan (ibababa ang sleeves ng damit), kakahampas at kurot mo kasi, ayan tuloy (sabay akbay kay Marydale) Halika na nga.

MARYDALE: Sorry… (malambing na boses tapos maglelean sa may dibdib ni Edward John)

EDWARD JOHN: (ikikiss sa may ulo) Hmmmmmm (singhot ng malalim sabay pikit), mahal na mahal talaga kita, mahal na mahal (malambing, sabay akbay ng mahigpit, parang one side hug)

Maglalakad na sila papunta kina Nica at Yong.




Pagdating sa bahay, mukhang pagod na talaga si Edward John. Kikiss kay Mommy Cathy.

EDWARD JOHN: Good night ma (dederetso na sa room)

MOMMY: (kikiss din) Oh, bakit ang aga nyo? Akala ko malelate kayo ng uwi?

MARYDALE: Good evening po Tita (magbebeso), masama po kasi ang pakiramdam ni Edward John eh, nilalagnat pero uminom naman na po sya ng gamot kanina, mamayang 12mn na po ulit yung next.

MOMMY: Ah ganun ba? Sige umupo muna kayo dyan Nica, Yong. Yaya, pakibigyan ng juice ang mga bata. Kung may gusto pa kayo, magsabi lang kayo kay yaya okay? Pupunthan ko lang si Edward John.

MARYDALE: Ayy tita, okay lang pong sumama? Gusto ko lang din pong icheck kung bumaba na yung lagnat nya eh.

MOMMY: Oo naman (aakbay kay Marydale). Namiss nyo lang yata ang isa’t isa eh(aakyat na papunta sa room ni Edward John). Kamusta ka naman? Mas lalo ka yatang pumayat ah (titignan ang katawan ni Marydale). Mahirap na ba ang duty? (bubuksan ang pinto)

MARYDALE: Medyo po, iba-iba po kasi ng oras eh saka ang dami din pong requirements (sisilip sa room) Hala ka, nakatulog na kaagad, naiwan pang bukas ang ilaw, pagod din kasi sa pagdrive eh. Wala naman po syang makapalitan kasi hindi kami lahat marunong (pupunta sa CR, kukuha ng basin, tubig at face towel, isasampay na din ng ayos ang bath towel ni Edward John at ililigpit ang damit na nasa sahig at ilalagay sa hamper)

Manonood lang si Mommy Cathy sa may pinto. Babalik na si Marydale at maglalagay ng towel sa noo ni Edward John.

MARYDALE: Kahit papano naman po, bumaba na ang lagnat nya. Mas mainit po sya kanina eh. Mabilis po palang pasain si Edward John? Puro hampas at kurot kasi ang inabot nya sa akin kanina eh kasi ayaw pang umuwi kahit masama na ang pakiramdam (mapapailing).

MOMMY: Ha? Oo eh, bata pa lang ganan na talaga yan. Sige maiwan na muna kita, aasikasuhin ko lang yung dalawa sa baba. Andito na naman ang private nurse nya eh (smiles)

MARYDALE: Sige po tita, thank you po. Bababa na din po ako maya-maya (pupunas punasan ang braso ni Edward John). Haaay (titignan si Edward John), masyado mo naman yatang kinakarir ang pagiging nurse, hindi mo na naaalagaan ang sarili mo. Kung alam ko lang na masama pala ang pakiramdam mo hindi na sana tayo tumuloy. Pero, thank you ah kasi kahit masama ang pakiramdam mo, pinilit mo pa ding ituloy yung date natin. Miss na miss na kita, miss ko na yung mga panahon na sabay tayong kumakain, sabay tayong pumapasok, sabay tayong nag-aaral. Haaaay, pero di bale, 1 taon na lang naman gagraduate na tayo. Isang taon na lang, magiging nurse na tayo. Tapos makikita natin sa billboard sa school (titingin sa taas, itaas ang kamay) Edward John Barber – Top 1, Marydale Entrata – Top 2 (smiles, ibaba na ang kamay at titingin kay Edward John), okay lang kahit forever akong Top 2 basta ikaw ang Top 1 ko. Tapos magtatrabaho tayo, magpapakasal, magkakapamilya. Haay, mahal na mahal talaga kita.

Nakaupo si Marydale sa gilid ng kama habang binabantayan si Edward, hindi nito namalayan na nakatulog na din sya sa pagbabantay. Aakyat na ulit si Mommy Cathy para silipin ang dalawa, makikita nito na nakatulog na si Marydale.

MOMMY: Marydale, anak (dahan-dahang gigisingin)

MARYDALE: (magigising, pupunasan ang laway) Ayyy, naku tita, nakatulog na po pala ako, pasensya na po.

MOMMY: Okay lang yun, mukhang pagod ka din eh. Uuwi na daw kayo nila Nica. May pasok pa pala kayo bukas. Ako na ang bahala kay Edward John. Sige na, magpahinga ka na din.

MARYDALE: Ayy, sige po (tatayo na). Thank you po ulit ah (ihuhug na si Mommy Cathy, titingin kay Edward John, hahawakan ang braso) at ikaw, magpagaling ka na, okay? (titingin ulit kay Mommy Cathy) Sige po, thank you po ulit (lalabas na ng room)


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