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Gray Scale

Image Description NoInk   |   30 October 2017

By Dianne Ramos

I lived in a gray scale world. A black and white sky with black and white people. Nothing to bring everything into life. No emotions. Nothing particularly beautiful.

But then you came along.

Suddenly, the sun was yellow and the sky was blue,the grass was green and the entire world had color.

And then you held my hand.

Suddenly, the sun would hold a million shades of yellow and orange to a bright crimson red.The sky would be a majestic shade of blue lined with fluffy clouds. The grass would grow flowers of purple and pink, and the entire world came to life.

I looked at you with a smile on my face.

“Do you see it too?” I asked.

“What are you talking about?” You replied.

And just like that, the whole world faded into gray.

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