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Lost in Your Eyes

Image Description charmaine.e   |   08 May 2018

"The first time I looked in your eyes, I know you're the one" A DarLona-inspired poetry

The first time I looked into your eyes
I know you're the one.

You whom gonna talk with me
As we stumble in our words
Easy talks and stuttered confessions.

You whom gonna laugh with me
As we let our voice mingle
The sound of humor and sarcasm.

You whom gonna have petty fights with me
As we let our differences battle
Ended in sweet comforts and soothing phrases.

You whom gonna stare at me
As we let our eyes speak
Drifting towards the world of our own.

You whom gonna dance with me
As we let our bare feet
Touch the ground as we spin around.

You whom gonna sing with me
As we let our beating hearts
Perfect the rhythm of our song.

You whom gonna watch the heavens with me
As we count the stars that fall
As we shape the clouds at day.

You whom I wanna spend forever with
As I took sight of you
In moments I close my eyes at night
In moments I open my eyes as I wake up
In every second between.

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A Dose of La Luna Sangre

As the saying goes, “An apple a day, makes the doctors away”. But for me, it’s totally different. Because every day, “A dose of La Luna Sangre a day, makes my stress away.”

Image Description
18 February 2018