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7 Pa-Fall Tips for the Millennial Manliligaw

Image Description NoInk   |   11 December 2017

Hindi lahat ng pa-fall, masama.

Pa-Fall (adj.) meaning: paasa, player, walang balak mag-commit.

Wag ganun.

Not everyone has that intention. There are those guys who actually want women to fall in love with them because they have honest intentions.


So for those kinds of guys, here are some tips to get that girl and prove your worth.

1. For your first date, ask them out for coffee—not dinner, not drinks. Coffee.

Studies have shown that when you’re drinking warm liquids, it makes you warm inside emotionally as well. This will soften you up without looking fake or seeming like you’re trying too hard.

Liquid courage isn’t alcohol pala, it’s kape.

  • Makinig ka!

And I don’t just mean looking like you’re listening. The trick is to find the smallest detail about them and remember that. Kahit yun lang. (For those who have ADHD, okay, I get that, so this trick is SUPER helpful). If they happen to mention a favorite something in passing, that’s what you need to remember and the next time you see each other, find a way to showcase that you were listening.

For example, she happened to mention in passing that her favorite chocolate is Reese’s, the next time you pick her up, hand her a few cups. Believe me, it’ll make her feel all gooey inside.

2. Titigan Challenge

You know why John Lloyd commands millions of female fans? Kasi nakikipagtitigan sya sa camera. (If you wanna know how to do that, click here. – link to titigan vid)

Studies have shown that making eye contact with the object of your obsession, I mean, affection, increases your chances of growing your connection with them.

Don’t be shy! (Also a don’t, don’t stare like a serial killer. Make it charming, not creepy.)

3. Say ‘thank you’

Even for the smallest things like in-unlock nya yung car door mo pagka-pasok nya sa kotse, or inalok ka nya ng candy. This shows the girl that you don’t miss the simple gestures and that you’re a grateful person.

Magaganahan sya maging sweet sa’yo.

4. Most embarrassing moment—THIS.

It’s okay to embarrass yourself in front of them. Not in a pervy kind of way, but in a humorous, naïve, adorkable kind of way.

This certain vulnerability will show them that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you have that quirky side and are not afraid to be yourself around them. It’ll make them feel special without really trying so hard.

The more real you are, the more candid, the better they’ll respond to you.(But don’t invent cute snippets about yourself that aren’t true!)

5. Touch them

Before you get any ideas, studies have shown that brief touches on the hand, shoulder, or any part of her body, that’s not sexual, will make both of you feel closer to one another.

Just make sure you’re not being a grabby douche trying to grope them. Make your touches convey safety, trust, and sincerity.

6. Make them feel good

This is the most important tip! Make them feel good about themselves when they’re with you. Guys have this idea that when you kind of make girls feel insecure, they’re more likely to act pleasantly around you because they feel like they have to ‘win’ your approval or validation.

But the faster (and better) way to get them ‘hooked’ on you is to give them a reason to want to have you around. You should be the drug that makes them feel high.

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