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Hi, I'm Alex and I ask a lot of whys that I answer myself because I have trust issues. Thanks for wasting your time reading my self-answered questions.

Khalil Ramos.

My, my, where do I begin?

Well, actually, before anything else, let me just make it clear that I do not know him personally (but I plan to… hahaha, chz!), and that I haven’t actually been his fan for the most part, but it was only recently that I kind of started to notice him, and boy was I hooked enough to make the big move: tapping the follow button on Instagram, just to see more of what he’s up to. Yes, that’s the big move. I mean, come on, we can disregard the fact that he’s a sight for sore eyes for now, and just focus on his many talents, like how good his singing is or how good his eye for art is, or how AMAZING his acting is, or even how good he is at naming his cats! (‘Sup Zuri and Elon). Take all that into consideration, and if you still think he ain’t the one, you can stop thinking, shut your mouth, and get out of my face. Seriously, is there something wrong with your taste buds?

Anyway, I’m writing this article to tell you why I like him, not to force you to like him too. But if at any point in this article, you find that you’re starting to get hooked too, well then, you can fall in line, bitch, because it’s pretty fucking long already. The good Lord has given this earth a Khalil Ramos and this blessing will not go unnoticed and unappreciated, so brace yourselves because I will now give you a definitive list of reasons (in no particular order) for why I like Khalil Ramos.

1. Because that face could launch a thousand ships

Move over Helen of Troy and take a gander, because you have been de-throned. Please surrender your crown, your ticket to Olympus and your military assistance privileges to the nearest god. Seriously though, those piercing brown eyes and that beauty mark? All I can really say is sweet baby Jesus, thank you! I mean, I was able to watch a couple of videos wherein he laughs and smiles, and I don’t care if saying this makes me reach creepy level: Ted Bundy, but damn do those eyes sparkle! I like him better with a lil bit of beard and ‘stache though. Hear me, Jesus!

2. Because like the God who created him, he also likes to create

One of the things I like when it comes to any given person, is their ability to appreciate the arts and to actually be enamored in the process of making it. There aren’t enough people in this country who consider art to be useful as a hobby, let alone a career path, so the fact that Khalil is one of the few young people out there who care enough to create art, study it, immerse himself in it, is a big deal for me. 

3. Because he looks risk in the eye and laughs

Being a creator is cool and all, but what makes it work and what gets the job done and the money rolling in is guts. Now, while in some cases, art doesn’t sell easy, Khalil paid no mind to the risks and dived in, head first, co-founding Limitless Productions. Guts and a face to match. Boi, I’m telling you I can’t even. He’s a singer, an actor, and now the founder of a production house. I mean, if there’s any job out there that has the least level of security, it’s probably all of the above. But he does all of it anyway, gunz a-blazin’, sexy facin’, Quentin Tarantino is shakin’.

4. Because he seems more cultured than a microorganism

I’m very thankful for the fact that JC blessed me with friends that are on the same wavelength as I am, and by wavelength I mean, the minsan jologs pero madalas solid wavelength. Now imagine my friendship radar going off when I found out Khalil’s wide range of musical inspirations. I know we won’t actually be friends in this world or the next but a girl can dream (chz!). Seriously though, I feel like there are a lot of songs and movies from every era or genre that I would have liked to share with him if I had the chance. But anyway, if you, Khalil Ramos, are reading this, please tell me I’m not wrong to assume that you are insanely well-versed in a lot of things, be it music, film, TV, literature, history, or even stupid conspiracy theories on Reddit and YouTube (and when I say stupid, I’m looking at you whoever you are that theorized Carl being dead in the entire Up movie). Khalil seems very interesting and yes JC, I’ve been praying for a lot of things recently, but add this friendship goal to my long list please, thank you and Amen.

5. Because he puts Cupcake and Dino of General Services to shame

While it’s true that there are a lot of all-around, multi-tasking artists in this country, there aren’t as many who slay in every single area. But Khalil Ramos? he’s an entire different ballgame. He puts the Khalil in, “Si Khalil lang yata yung gising nung nagpaulan ang Diyos ng talent tapos isang drum yung dala niya.” Yup, he does. His voice can put anyone to sleep, his acting skills can make anyone feel stuff, and his creative style can make me quit my career as an artist as early as now. Don’t believe me? Ok, then tell me why he’s judging entries for Lights, Camera, Magic. What was that? Oh, nothing. I thought so.

Hooked yet? If yes, high five, Susan! If no, then we can’t be friends, Barbara. Now, I’m pretty sure there are still plenty of things worth loving about Khalil Ramos, and I assume I barely even scratched the surface when it comes to who he really is and what he can do, but I’m settling for 5 reasons for now, and I sincerely hope though that one of these days I’ll get to meet him and not feel incredibly inferior to this bomb-ass person or be too anxious and freaked out to choke and die on the spot.

My why #2 has been answered, go in peace and return when my next why comes out.

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23 August 2018