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Girl Meets World

Image Description @kynadecastro   |   13 February 2020

A coming of age story about a girl trying to find her place in this world

Katherine Dupree, a newly high school graduate doesn't know what waits for her. High school is over and she doesn't have any idea what to do with her life after losing her best friend, Dimitri Heimlich in a car accident. Most of her classmates are moving on with their lives preparing for college while she is stuck in the middle of the road wondering which path to take. She misses him and regretted that she didn't have the chance to confess to him her true feelings. Katherine and Dimitri have been best friends since 7 and all they ever dreamed of was to see the world but Dimitri never got the chance. Before Dimitri died, he was able to confess his true feelings to Katherine and told her his last wish. On Katherine's 18th birthday, her dad arranged a tour for her as a birthday and graduation gift. Katherine get to meet Charlie Reagan, her co-writer and classmate in high school on one of her trips. She develop feelings for him but denies it. Along her journey, she get to meet people who will make her understand her true feelings towards Charlie and herself.

What waits for Katherine on her journey across the countries? Will she find herself again? Can she finally choose a path to take? Will she find a Dimitri again in her life? Is she ready to open the door for love?

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