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All an Act

Image Description NoInk   |   10 October 2017

A short-lived love story.

I hope it still haunts you; that image of me walking out of that glass door.

I hope that when the sun rises, you’re still awake to witness its majesty because you toss and turn but can’t seem to drift off to sleep as memories of me flood your mind.

I hope you try to smile as you walk around hoping for someone new to cross your path.

I hope you imagine seeing me across the room and it still somehow takes your breath away.

I hope you still click on my profiles and check up on me. Silently curious of the goings-on in my life. Wondering if that smile had anything to do with you.Wishing to be part of my victories, and my confidante through the rest.

I hope you wonder where I am. If I’m in the arms of someone else.

I hope you look for me. In every coffee shop, party, or pedestrian crossing around town. Hoping you’d bump into me. But also terrified that you might.

I hope you still feel something. Anything. Still hope. Still hold your breathe waiting for someone to yell “Cut!” and we both can stop acting like we don’t matter, like our love wasn’t real.


Any day now.

It’s coming.

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