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Something Memorable

Image Description Aydhieyan   |   02 July 2018

Their love. My friends's love. My parent's love. Especially his love. Their love is the only thing that I won't forget even a second. Their love will be the Something Memorable for me.

Something Memorable
Written by Aydhieyan


     Phoebe Soroño is a hopeless romantic girl who always wished for a happy ending. Pero dahil sa sakit na iniinda, nawalan na siya ng pag-asa na mararanasan n'ya ito so she just accept the fact that happy ending doesn't really exist in reality. Akala n'ya masakit na katotohanan na 'yon pero may mas sasakit pa pala do'n, the truth is—she's dying at wala na siyang magagawa pa. Paano na 'yong story n'ya? Makamit pa kaya n'ya ang happy ending na matagal na n'yang inaasam-asam?



Work of Fiction.

     "Something Memorable" is a work of fiction. The names, characters, organizations, places, events portrayed in this story are only products of the author's imagination and have no relation to anyone having the same names and all the incidents are merely inventions.

     No part of this story may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted without the authors consent. Don't distribute this story without asking permission to Aydhieyan also known as me, thanks. Don't plagiarize, plagiarism is a crime. Karma is on the way to you just wait it.



• Dedicated for my loveliest sister in the world—Armalyn Fate.

• Dedicated kay pilosopotasya (LS4N1) and blackendwayt (TSNCKRNCM). Pati din sa mga friends ko out there.

• Dedicated din kay Moira Dela Torre 'coz this story was inspired by her songs. I love you Moira.

• Especially for readers. The one who reading this, thank you.

(Kunwari book na, hahaha.)



“Dito na lang ako,
Dito na lang tayo.
Walang manggugulo,
Na parang atin ang mundo.”

—Huling Gabi, Moira Dela Torre feat. Quest.


Date Started: May 06, 2018.
Date Finished: May 09, 2018.

"A JoshLia FanFiction"

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