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ComicCon 2018 Allowed Us To Share Our Love For Our Favorite Stories Together

Image Description NoInk   |   27 March 2018

One of a kind!

Texts and Photos by Maan de Vera and Jerald Rioflorido

ComicCon is one of the most highly anticipated annual gathering fans of superheroes, villains, wizards, spaceships and the likes. This is why amidst controversies, the recently concluded ComicCon Asia 2018 braved through it all. The success of ComicCon Asia 2018 is a testament that stories (albeit from different genre or medium) could bring people together.

And here are 4 proofs that ComicCon Asia 2018 allowed us to share our love for our favorite stories together.

Toys for the big boys...and girls

As kids, we make more fan-fiction than we realize while playing with our toys. We either reenact our very moments with our very own action figures or re-imagine a whole new scenarios. And for some, this love for toys did not go away with age which ComicCon Asia 2018 did not dissappoint in this department.

A picture paints a thousand words

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