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Join Marco and Selena in a seemingly uncomplicated life and romance that turned into a one big death trap.


Marco Garcia, a heartthrob and famous playboy, strived hard to be a CEO of a Million dollar Construction Company. His life was perfect until that fateful day when everything he knew turned out to be a lie.He never expected to inherit anything in his life especially a mafia organization from his estranged family. 

Having accepted his fate, he proved that he’s the Boss and succeeded in making his group the strongest in Italy.He couldn’t have anticipated that his complicated life would be more dangerous when he fell for Selena Rossi, a landscape architect that leads a normal life.Against his better judgment, he asked for her services and pursued her.One twisted plot leads to another and Selena’s identity turned out to be the greatest lie of all. Being the heir of the largest Yakuza organization as Alessandra Bellini, she and Marco were connected not only by their desire for each other but a bond and history so unexpected and grand that not even them were prepared for. 

How could one simple goal of falling in love and be happy be the cause of so much grief and multiple tragedies? 

This is a story about secrets and deception laced with betrayal.A seemingly uncomplicated life and romance that turned into a one big death trap.

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#SummerFling I really hate summer, hindi dahil sa init ng panahon, hindi rin dahil sa wala akong pera para makapagbakasyon, swimming at magtampisaw sa beach. It was because of the heart breaks I had.

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01 May 2018

What if you have fallen into love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time? Will you rather ignore your heart or follow its beat?

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Sassy Missy
24 April 2018