Here are 3 of the funniest #FaceDanceChallenge videos we’ve seen so far!


FaceDance Challenge: the first-ever app will allow you to play the game by using your face. Yep, you read it right – you will use your face, not your hands! Totally a different mobile gaming experience, right?

The app uses the smartphone’s front camera to detect the face of the player, and voila! time to some face dancing!

Internet sensations like Sir Jack Show, Waze Guy Chino Liu, and actor Teejay Marquez did the ##FaceDanceChallenge and we can’t help but laugh! Ikaw, na-try mo na ba?

1. With more than 26K (and counting) shares ATM! Ikaw na talaga, Sir Jack Show!



2. Our Waze Guy Chino Liu did the challenge, too!



3. And this cutie actor trended, too! Oh, Teejay Marquez! <3


FaceDance Challenge is available in App Store and Google Play.

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