Support a fellow pet lover! And while you’re are it, support the local art industry, too.


For just 600 pesos, you can have your favorite furry friend illustrated by Kayla Teodoro, a production designer based in Manila. All proceeds of this project will help fund the medical bills of Shnuma, her 9-year-old dog who was diagnosed with a kidney disorder.


Photo courtesy of Kayla Teodoro
Kayla’s Facebook post read:

This is my dog, Shnuma/Starbucks. She’s a 9-year-old Miniature Schnauzer that I’ve raised since she was 2 months old. She’s seen me graduate grade school, high school, and college. If you’ve ever met her you know that she’s a very happy and friendly doggo who loves food more than life. She is also one of my bestest friends.

She was just diagnosed with a kidney disorder and she needs to have surgery done to fix the problem. Aside from the bill for the surgery, she’s going to need medicine and to be confined for a couple of days.

She’s my baby so I’m asking for your help to help me pay for the bills. I’ll be doing commissions wherein I draw your pet for P600. All proceeds will help me pay for her medical bills. Donations are accepted too hehe. Please help me make my pupper better!

P600 for 1 pet and P1000 for 2! If you have any commissions need be done, please feel free to message me!

Thank you and please pass on!


kayla teodoro

Photo courtesy of Kayla Teodoro on Facebook

Dog lovers on the internet have been very supportive of #SketchesForShnuma. Kayla even tweeted that she’s been receiving donations from kind strangers who didn’t ask for anything in return!

Check out some of her works below!

Follow the hashtag #SketchesForShnuma for more pet illustrations!



Say hello to Hutch and Cooper!



And to this adorable French bulldog, Huggles!



Aren’t these sketches so adorable?


They’re soooo wallpaper-worthy!!!


Wanna have your floofer illustrated, too? Hit Kayla a DM at @mikaylateodoro on Twitter!

She also does cats, rabbits, fish, and other pets!


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